Frequently Asked Questions

What are the start and finish times?

The event opens at 8am, please do not get there earlier as the gates will not be open. Registration is open from 8am till 9am. We ask that all riders return to the school after the ride and check-in so we can account for everyone. Gates will close at 4pm.


Can I pay on the day?

Yes, subject to availability. We have a maximum capacity so advise all riders to book in advance to guarantee a space. If there are spaces available on the day these will be given on a first-come first-served basis. Adult entry on the day will be £15 for the 20 mile route and £20 for the 40/60 routes. 


When do the riders set off?

Riders will be set off in small groups from the following times:

9:00 - 40 & 60 mile riders

9:15 - 20 mile riders


Do I have to wear a helmet to take part?

Helnets are compulsory for under 18s. Whilst we strongly encourage adult riders to wear helmets it is not compulsory for this ride. This is mainly because we have no powers to enforce such a rule since the ride takes place on public roads. The CTC (The National Cycle Charity) are opposed to both cycle helmet laws and to helmet promotion campaigns, you can read why here.


Will there be any first aiders on site?

There will be members of East and Suffolk Medical Ltd on site and patrolling the routes. There are will also be trained first aid staff on site throughout the day. 


Will there be a recovery vehicle if I get a puncture or mechanical failure?

Yes, we have 2 vehicles from the kind volunteers of Norfolk and Suffolk 4x4 Response. We would expect people to carry suitable puncture repair kits so that their services are reserved for mechanical failures or minor accidents. There will be 2 emergency numbers provided for contacting the event staff during the ride.


What food will be available at the refreshments stops?

Each stop will have water and a small selection of snacks (fruit and grain bar, bananas, jelly beans). This will not be an unlimited supply so we would advise taking some backup snacks just in case. 


How much money will go to the charity?

Once costs are covered all money goes to charity (please get in touch if you would like a full breakdown of our costs). So far we have raised over £18,000 for Alzheimer's Society. We are very lucky to have the support of several individuals and businesses who give their time and services for free. If you would also like to get sponsorship for Alzheimer's Society please let us know and we can supply the relevant forms. Of course, we also welcome any riders who wish to get sponsorship for their chosen charity.


Is there a time limit for completing the ride?

This is not a race, but we would ask riders to sign up for the rides that they feel comfortable with completing in reasonable time. The school will close at 4pm so please inform us on the emergency number if you feel you can't make it back in time.


What is the playground route?

We want people of all ages to take part in the event, but appreciate that many parents would not want their children to ride on the roads and many children are not confident enough. We create an adult-supervised circuit in the playground which will be open from 9:00 and is completely free. 



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